My objective with this project is to see haute couture from a different viewpoint. I have kept integrity and tradition of haute couture such as meticulous craftsmanship and tedious hand work. All pieces are hand sewn except original vintage jeans.


I have combined the above with two different elements. First being American rock culture such as the use of vintage jeans and bold graphic iconic t-shirts. The other being Japanese deconstruction. Techniques used are slashing, washing, distressing, raw edging, excessive ornamentation. The result is quite unique. The rebirth of avant-garde rock/couture.


No. 002, 003, 005 Pearls + Chains series


Metaphorically, these pieces represent our own body and soul. They are ripped and torn from our daily existence. Literally speaking, we are chained by the norm of our society and by the misinterpreted knowledge we have acquired. Pearls represent the inner beauty we still hold within.