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Only The Innocent Get Killed


This piece was inspired by the letters of young kamikaze pilots and US soldiers who fought in WWII. The Japanese phrases are taken from their diaries. One pilot questions this useless mass destruction while another expresses selfless love and affection for his homeland and loved ones. The English phrases are taken from Japanese-Americans imprisoned in concentration camps in California.


One soldier expresses the unfair treatment by the government and another portrays thoughts on his war mission. They were all casualties of war who were misled by their government’s propaganda. In the spring of 1942, approximately 120,000 Japanese-American men, women and children were imprisoned for no other reason than their ethnicity.


Euphemistically called “relocation” or “resettlement” centers, they were in fact penitentiaries surrounded by armed guards with order to shoot anyone who tried to escape. An official US Government apology and a check of $20,000 were offered 43 years after the war, by which time half of the survivors had already passed away. In contrast, William Patrick Hitler, direct nephew of Adolf Hitler, arrived in the US in March, 1939 as a visitor. He was inducted into the US Navy in March, 1944. Although he was never in combat, Hitler served for 2 years as a first class seaman.