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My objective with this project is to see haute couture from a different viewpoint. I have kept integrity and tradition of haute couture such as meticulous craftsmanship and tedious hand work. All pieces are hand sewn except original vintage jeans.


I have combined the above with two different elements. First being American rock culture such as the use of vintage jeans and bold graphic iconic t-shirts. The other being Japanese deconstruction. Techniques used are slashing, washing, distressing, raw edging, excessive ornamentation. The result is quite unique. The rebirth of avant-garde rock/couture.


No. 001 Firebird / Freedom


In the Orient, the firebird represents a mythical bird which is reborn from it's own ash; i.e.: freedom from our own death, freedom from our own karma.


The firebird was used as an imperial symbol in Korea. In the phrase,"Freedom Never Die," the word 'freedom' consists of 7 letters, 'never' 5 letters, and 'die' 3 letters. The combination of 7, 5, and 3 holds a very strong energy in the Masonic tradition. The configuration of these letters form a reverse triangle. This piece was inspired by the 9-11 tragedy.