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My objective with this project is to see haute couture from a different viewpoint. I have kept integrity and tradition of haute couture such as meticulous craftsmanship and tedious hand work. All pieces are hand sewn except original vintage jeans.


I have combined the above with two different elements. First being American rock culture such as the use of vintage jeans and bold graphic iconic t-shirts. The other being Japanese deconstruction. Techniques used are slashing, washing, distressing, raw edging, excessive ornamentation. The result is quite unique. The rebirth of avant-garde rock/couture.


No. 006 Two Dragons / Love


Dragons are the imperial symbol in China. Ancient Chinese folklore tells a story of two dragons / gods who created the first Chinese civilization after the catastrophic flood. Twisting of their tails imply their mating: new life. They are holding one sphere, the sphere of truth. It is intentionally designed to be positioned at the 1st chakra. This is the charka of sexuality and creativity. There is a symbol of the sun at the base of the spine. The Chinese character for 'love' is embroidered at the center of the sun. The message is "Everyone hold the sphere of truth, and the truth is love."