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Black Leather Freedom Hat

Freedom Fighter


The concept of democracy, individual rights and equality for women were brought to Japan by general Douglas MacArthur. He single-handedly passed the new constitution to Japan. He also saved the life of our former emperor Hirohito when the governments of Australia and New Zealand politically tried to prosecute him as a war criminal. We will forever owe him our gratitude.




There is no doubt that America has become the most dominant and powerful nation in the whole world, the single super power. I truly believe there are other alternatives to resolving our differences and conflicts other than through force or alienation. Destruction will bring more destruction. Hatred will breed more hatred. True strength and courage are measured by how much we are able to respect and protect the rights of minorities and less fortunate. This is precisely what America has tried to bring to its own people. Should America succeed in applying and maintaining this principle on an international level, then America will truly be respected and loved by the rest of the world.


I do love America. Therefore, I conclude with great hope for America to choose peace over arms for all humanity. God bless America.