Angel gaze / Adoring virtual idol

Painting with oil & hand embroidery   89cm x 116cm


Mai-chan is cosplaying as Hatsune Miku, who is a singing vocaloid created by the synthesizing technology and computer generated virtual idol. She is the most modern anime heroine of this generation. She has performed stage concerts in front of thousands of teenagers as 3D projected holography. Hatsune /初音 translates as “First Sound” and Miku /未来 as “Future”. Literal meaning is “First Sound from the Future”. Many musicians have created their songs using this synthesizer application. 100,000 songs were produced under Hatsune Miku’s name in 2011 alone.


She has large blue green eyes, pointed nose, long cyan-blue hair, long arms and legs, fully developed bosom, and round, high hips. While these are the typical characteristics of Manga heroines, none of Hatsune Miku’s features are typical of young Japanese females. So what are the visual sources of Manga heroines? Why are we creating Manga characters so different from ourselves?